The Healthiest Dry Food Brands for your Cats

Dry food is one of the many food options for cats. They are inexpensive and are packed with nutrients that cats need for healthy growth and development. Despite the fact that they are excellent food solutions for cats, not all dry foods are good.catfoods There are kibbles made from low-quality ingredients which make them unhealthy altogether. In fact, there are numerous studies that point to the development of serious medical conditions from feeding cats with inferior dry cat foods. If dry cat food supplementation is part of your cat’s daily diet, you may be wondering which brands have the healthiest in the pet nutrition industry. Here are some of the best brands as of late: Acana Acana from Champion Petfods is hailed as one of the most nutritious kibbles around. The ingredients used in the production of their cat food selection are delivered fresh daily and are sourced from local farmers and fishermen around their area. In addition, the ingredients are human grade which means that they undergo strict quality control to ensure the health and safety of cats. The Canadian-based company has implemented a protein-packed formula for their dry food selections that include: •           Boneless lamb •           Salmon •           Russet potato •           Peas •           Eggs •           Alfalfa •           Spinach •           Cranberry •           Blueberries Acana kibbles are obviously highly dense in nutrition ensuring that your cat will feel full and be healthy even if they eat less of Acana dry food meals. cateatingWellness CORE Fish and Fowl Feeding cats with kibbles is an important part of their daily meal. It is but very costly to constantly feed your cats with wet food, thus dry food are great alternatives in between wet food meals. Wellne4ss Core is known to make use of only A-grade ingredients. 50% of the ingredients found in Wellness CORE dry food are excellent protein sources, while the remaining half is composed of fatty acids, minerals, and carbohydrates for energy. Some of the quality ingredients infused in the Wellness CORE dry cat food formula are as follows: •           Salmon oil •           Flaxseed •           Potatoes •           Chicken breast •           Salmon The Wellness CORE is just one of the few dry food options in the market that is guaranteed to be grain-free! Merrick Before Grain Merrick is a pet food company which originally developed dry food formula for dogs. Due to the overwhelming success of their products, they have expanded into offering premium kibbles for cats too. All of their cat food products, be it wet or dry, are grain-free just the way nature  intended a cat diet’s to be. Merrick Before Grain kibbles are made from up to three kinds of meat. Carbohydrate content is mainly sourced from regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. Salmon oil is a crucial ingredient of the Merrick Before Grain formula and is known to be an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Bonus ingredients that you will find in the Merrick Before Grain formula are powerful antioxidants namely: •           Blueberries •           Acai berries Although Merrick Before Grain is relatively more expensive than the two dry cat food brands mentioned above, you can be sure that your fur baby’s cat food is made from the healthiest ingredients which promotes optimum health and wellness for many years to come.