The Raw Food Diet for Cats

As all cat owners know, cats are descended from predators, and predators eat meat. How else can you explain your kitty’s preference for trying to chow down on the local mice? Or going after the parakeet? Let’s not even mention the fish – after all, that’s why you have weighted aquarium tops, so that Kitty can’t go fishing. As Nature made them And this is why cats seem to be tailor made for eating fresh meat. They have strong jaws and very sharp teeth, so they can rend their food before gulping it down. They also have very strong stomach acids, combined with a short but efficient digestive track. And that’s why we shouldn’t deny the fact that our cats might be better off with a raw food diet. Benefits of going “raw” A raw food diet is for your cat has many benefits, including the following: - Oral hygiene Using actual meat and crushed bones can provide a scrubbing and flossing action to a cat’s teeth and gums, removing plaque and other leftovers. Teeth and gums will be cleaner, and so there will be less infections overall. - Healthier skin and coat Some cats are allergic to grains, and this may be causing them no end of skin irritation and conditions. Don’t be surprised if your cat‘s skin concerns suddenly clear up when you go all-raw. - Less smelly litter box Grains and other additives that cats don’t digest well just end up in the litter box. And the more of them there are, the more they will smell. In the case of a raw meat diet, you’ll have less waste, which also means that you’ll be able to control the smell and condition of the litter box better. - Better weight control and muscle tone Because cats are by nature predators, they function better with a diet that is high in proteins and lower on carbohydrates. However, cats still do need carbohydrates, so it’s important to add a little bit at least through their raw food diet. - Energy boost Given that cats do have a digestive system designed for eating raw meat, it’s no surprise if they have more balanced energy levels while on a raw food diet.   What do cats actually need to eat? One of the common concerns when switching to a raw meat cat food diet is if the cat is getting a balanced diet. The following are what a cat needs: •           Protein; this can be from farm animals or fish •           Amino acids, specifically those like taurine and arginine; this is also present in meat •           Fatty Acids •           Vitamins •           Minerals •           Water Do check with your veterinarian (if he supports the diet), or go online and do some research to find out how you can balance your cat’s diet. Safety and contamination One of the most important issues is contamination of the raw food itself. It’s always a good idea to get from a local supplier who can provide pet-safe or even human-safe (relatively) raw meat, as that will make it easier for all involved, particularly if you are going to mix the raw food to your cat’s particular specifications.