Things That May Discourage Your Dog

There is nothing more beautiful than a puppy you have brought home from a shelter or pet store. You are enthusiastic and happy to make the dog a part of your family. However, once you add a dog to your family, it is your responsibility to ensure that he is happy and content. Taking care of a pet is not as easy as you think. You need to understand a lot of things, including the fact that you need to train him effectively, and avoid the things that may discourage your dog, in order to help him develop his qualities and skills. Among dog owners, undesirable behavior towards dog may include hitting or kicking the dog, use of physical force on dog to get him to let go of an object, growling at him and staring him down. These forms of punishment cause more behavioral problems than it solves. The results of such actions are fear and anxiety in your dog. Never punish your dog It may make sense to you to hit your dog every time he do something wrong as a form of discipline. However, dogs do not follow the same logic as humans do. Physical such as hitting or slapping him may convey the message that pain originates from us and is not a result of his actions. If the force of the beating is not sufficient, your dog may confuse it as a game and may try to play it with you. If you use too much force, it may result in fear and other serious problems. Another possible conclusion that your dog may draw from hitting is that it is a bad thing and he should run away from people or bite the incoming hand as it is a threat to him. He may start associating you or any other person with pain and as a result he concludes that he should stay away from people or keep them away by biting and growling. Don’t try to be rude with it2D274905753024-dog-destroys-pillows.blocks_desktop_medium Excessively yelling or growling at your dog produces little results. Dogs do not understand English and the only way of communication they will comprehend is through associating behaviors with tangible rewards. Yelling conveys just one message, that you are angry with him but what he does not understand is why. As far as he is concern, his owner is angry at him for some mysterious reason. For instance, yelling at your dog for barking will further excite him or make him feel afraid, hence making him bark even more as a response. Yelling and screaming creates an unstable environment for your dog. Staring down your dog to train him to avoid certain bad behavior is rarely fruitful. The staring down hurt your relationship with your dog as it usually initiates a stand-off - a sign of aggression. You are teaching your dog that making eye contact, as in canine behavior, is a sign of aggression and threat and apply to humans as well. It can have dangerous implications. A final word Extreme punishment is unnecessary and counterproductive. It rarely resolves problems, but it does cause quite a lot of issues. It makes your dog anxious and fearful and hurts your relationship with him. It is always recommended to use positive reinforcement to train your dog. You may use negative reinforcement, if warranted, but not the kind described above.