Top 5 most trainable dogs

All dogs are different. Some breeds possess certain qualities others don’t, while each individual dog also has their own personality, which may or may not reflect their breed accurately. If you’re looking at adopting a dog as a family pet, here are the top 5 most trainable dog breeds, which will certain make great new best friends. Dog road trip1. Border Collie – It’s a general consensus that it is the smartest dog and the easiest to train. They are highly intelligent and focused as well as intense and energetic. The Border Collie is also very agile, and is one of the best at taking orders. However, they are a lot better when they are occupied than when they are idle, because of their higher focus and energy, which can be a problem when there isn’t a task at hand. 2. Poodle – Poodles may not be seen as very intelligent dogs because of the way they look, but specialists always point them out among the smartest of dogs. They excel at obedience, and they love people, which makes them excellent pets. Also, they are very agile, and they love to learn and take orders, something that makes Poodles a dream to train. They are also very social and active dogs, making them great competition dogs, Their only big, quite obvious disadvantage is the excessive fur, which makes a Poodle to be one of the hardest dogs to care for, especially as they need very frequent grooming. Golden retriever3. German Shepherd – These dogs were originally bred because of their intelligence, which is a sign of a superior level of trainability in itself. However, they are also very protective and courageous, which in turn makes them very dependable. Like Poodles, German Shepherds are willing and eager to learn, so they are easy to train, as they take commands almost immediately. These dogs are usually ideal choices for guard, military or police dogs because of their abilities. 4. Golden Retrievers – These docile, sweet, devoted family dogs have a great deal of intelligence to back their looks. However, while they are a very popular breed of dogs, they do have a little problem with extra energy, which tends to lead them into doing destructive things around them. The good news is that the Golden Retriever is a loyal people pleaser who loves to learn, which gives it the ability to assimilate over 200 commands, making it easy to train them away from those destructive tendencies. 5. Doberman Pinscher – They may look very menacing, but specialists say Doberman Pinschers actually have a great potential as family dogs. Despite being fearless and assertive guard dogs, Dobermans are actually quite gentle at heart which means they are easy to train as docile, obedient, company dogs. Doberman Pinschers are also quite loyal, energetic and alert, which combined with a superior level of intelligence, makes the breed not only highly trainable, but also rather versatile, as it adapts to several tasks. The fact that they actually crave attention and social interaction really favors their training as family dogs. As you can see, dogs can often be a lot different from what you imagine at first glance, with some of the most docile and popular breeds showing a great deal of intelligence and some of the most menacing looking showing great ability to adapt to family life. Deciding on which dog breed to go with depends on what characteristics you value and which tasks you’ll want your dog to be perfect at.