Top 6 Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Pet Cat

Spaying and neutering are procedures that your cat will need to undergo to enjoy a healthy, long life. Unless your business is that of breeding cats, there is no reason for your fur baby not to get neutered and spayed early in life. Spaying and neutering offer a host of benefits all of which are beneficial to both cats and pet parents. If you are new to taking care of pets, here are a few pointers that you need to be aware of regarding this neuter

What are spaying and neutering? Spaying and neutering are surgical sterilization techniques performed on animals such as cats and dogs. Spaying essentially refers to the removal of a female cat’s ovaries and uterus. On the other hand, neutering refers to the removal of a male cat’s testicles. These are extremely safe procedures as cats are put under general anaesthesia while in a sterile environment. Spaying and neutering does come with a fee as these procedures can only be performed in a veterinary clinic. Pet parents of cats are highly encouraged to have their fur babies cat or neutered for several good reasons: Healthier, Longer Life The act of removing the reproductive organs of both male and female cats prevents the occurrence of urinary infections. Female cats are ideally spayed before their first heat. The procedure guarantees protection from diseases such as uterine infections and breast cancer development. On the other hand, neutering greatly reduces the risk of testicular cancer development among neutered male cats. Lee Time Outdoors Cats that are successfully neutered will have less desire to roam around the outdoors. Since your cats will have reduced tendencies of roaming outside, the chances of getting injured go down as well. Less Mess at Home Female cats are in heat for four up to five days every three weeks. During this time, they send signals to male cats that they are ready to breed in the form of yowling and urinating anywhere they please. Once you get your female cat spayed, they will not experience getting in heat again, thus reducing the clean up time for pet parents. More Behaved Aggression problems can be treated simply by having your male cat neutered. They are less likely to mark and spray urine indoors once their hormones go down to low levels. Households with multiple cats will not have to worry about cats fighting as they will be mellow a few weeks after the operation. Cost-effective Although you may need to shell out money for neutering and spaying, the cost of these operations is considerably less than that of having to take care of new kittens. Since these sterilization techniques disable cats from reproduction, you do not have to worry about additional expenses to take care of a new batch of litter. Help Battle Overpopulation There are millions of stray cats that do not have homes and end up in shelters only to be euthanized. Overpopulation is indeed a problem and the only solution to this is prevention by way of neutering and spaying. These procedures effectively reduce the number of stray cats and hopefully one day may be a powerful tool in ending the practice of euthanasia in shelters.