What Are the Types of Food that Cats Eat?

cateat1For cat owners, one of the biggest concerns that they usually focus on is the type of food that they should feed their pets. There are a lot of cat food brands that are available on the market and each have their own variations of texture, nutritional content, dietary need, and flavor. All these choices might become too overwhelming for new owners that they might accidentally choose the wrong types for their feline pals. So if you want to easily answer the question, “what do cats eat?” Better check this article first. 1. Grocery store food – True to its name, this type of meal is often found in grocery stores and mass-market retailers. If you are on a tight budget, this is a cheaper alternative because its ingredients are only made from lower-quality, less-digestible, and inexpensive ingredients.cateat2 Unfortunately, do not expect that this type of meal contains dense nutrients that will keep your feline friends healthy and strong. As much as possible, one should avoid feeding their cats with grocery store food because it might greatly affect their physical well-being. 2.  Premium food – These are usually found in local pet stores and veterinary offices. Unlike meals found in the grocery stores, they are made from high-grade ingredients and contain adequate nutrients that your feline friends greatly need. And because of that, they are a little bit more expensive. Unfortunately, some brands contain certain elements that are found on grocery store food such as artificial colors and flavors, as well as preservatives. It will not be too harmful for your cats as long as you minimize their intake. 3. Dry food – These are commonly known as kibbles. Most owners rely on dry food because they are easy to store, cheaper, and you can leave it out in the open for long periods of time. Its hard and crunchy flavor can also help develop your pet’s teeth. This type of meal is also more preferred by felines who have picky appetites. However, dry food has its disadvantages. If your pet eats dry food all the time, it will not receive sufficient nutrients. Cats are obligatory carnivores which mean that they need more meat and protein in their diet. A lot of kibble brands are only filled with carbohydrates – an ingredient they do not need too much. 4. Wet food – Canned wet food are like kibbles, but they are more moist and chewy. They also contain more protein because they are meat-based products. Other brands have chunky meat and special flavors that will satisfy a cat’s appetite. One of its advantages is that it contains more water than dry food. This will prevent your cats from experiencing dehydration, chronic renal failure, and urinary crystals. When buying wet food, make sure that animal-based protein is the number one ingredient on the list. To wrap things up Your pet cat is a special animal that has intricate needs that demand attention. In answering the question, “what do cats eat,” one needs to consider its age, health condition, and even its personal preferences. To ensure that you will make the right choices, it is best that you consult the veterinarian first before planning your pet’s dietary program. It also helps if you can complement the well-balanced meals with adequate amounts of exercise to ensure that your feline friends become fit and strong. Feel free to drop by the comments section if you want to share some tips and insights about cat food.