What You Need to Know About Animal Shipping


The travel industry has been flourishing through the years. In North America alone, more than a hundred million people travel annually. People from other continents are also traveling heavily too. This increase is associated with improved travel facilities, be it air, land or water. However, it’s not just people that have been traveling lately. Animals are also being moved across the globe.

Though shipping of animals has existed for a long time, it is only recently becoming more apparent. Now, when pet owners travel outside or within the country, they go with their pets. Many airlines are offering complimentary services to transport their passenger’s pet through the cargo section. However, this is limited to small animals such as cats, dogs, and birds.

But do you know that animal shipping is not limited to domesticated pets only? Even zoo animals could be transferred too! Animals like lion, tiger, zebra, elephants and all other zoo and circus animals can be shipped too. Exotic animals and reptiles could also be transferred across borders. Would you like to ride on a plane with a seemingly dangerous cheetah? Of course not! These animals are not transferred through passenger shipping facilities. They are transported by isolated cargo ships of course.

Before you decide on bringing your pet on your next flight, ensure you prepare vaccination papers and ownership documentation. This serves as your pet’s passport and it will prove that they are free from any dangerous disease to the country of your destination. These will not be necessary if you are transporting animals to a zoo and other government-recognized institutions. If you are bringing in animals for a show or exhibit, make sure that your permit is properly signed by authorized personnel so that you will not experience any problem upon arrival to your destination. Shipping farm animals such as cow and cattle also undergo different process, and additional permits are necessary to be acquired.

Save yourself from worrying about the safety of your pet or any other animal that you wish to transport. You can contact an animal shipping company that is registered and recognized according to animal welfare act. You can also call this company’s customer service to ask about how they get along with the process of animal shipping. If you have time, it is always best to go to their office and see the actual shipping facilities that will be used for your pet. After all, you know your pet best; you are aware of what conditions will greatly give stress to it. Make sure you tell them what exactly you want. Some of these companies will be kind enough to customize their services for your pet.

Most of these companies have air-conditioned vehicles and transport facilities that will keep animals protected from adverse weather conditions during travel. Animal shipping planes also ensure the most comfortable landing and stop-over conditions for the animals being transported. The animals are handled by the best veterinarians and animal trainers.