Which is the best pet for company?

pet supply company onlineThere are a number of reasons why people choose to adopt pets, from security needs to health assistance, which is the case when they choose a guide dog, for instance. One the simplest and more common reasons, however, is that people feel lonely, and in the absence of a relative or loved one, they look for company in animals. If you are looking for a company pet for yourself or family, but have no clue which are the best pets to keep someone company, this is certainly the right place to look for sound advice. The obvious choices To start off, the most obvious choices are traditional pets, such as dogs and cats. But while both serve their purpose as pets, cats are more independent and generally feistier, which usually tends to steer those looking for an easy, companionable animal away from them and towards dogs. It is important to note though, that not all dogs are as suited to be company pets as one might assume, since they may have personalities which are incompatible with sharing simple companionship. While a guard dog may show obedience and loyalty, they are likely to be a little too aggressive and high on energy to simply share in daily routines. On the other hand, dogs like Golden Retrievers and Border Collies tend to be docile and playful, but they may be a little too energetic for someone who is a little older, even if they could do very well with children, after having proper training. Going deeperbanner2 It is thus important to consider not only the kind of animal, but also which breeds are better for each age group, and what taking care of such animals means, as vulnerable age groups such as children and elderly people cannot care for a high-maintenance animal, which may need to exercise or be groomed more frequently. If you are, however, someone who can take care of all of their needs though, there are plenty of sociable and companionable dog breeds, such as German Shepards, Pugs, Pomeranian, the popular Maltese dogs and even Bulldogs, which have the added benefit of being able to protect you as well as keep you company. Other pets If you’d prefer a different or more unusual pet to keep you company though, you may find it in an unusual animal, such as rat, hamster or rabbit. While the first two may certainly cause some eyebrows to be raised and some people to look suspiciously at you for having them, all three of these small animals are actually quite cuddly, sociable and even good with both people and other animals, namely cats, which are known for their independence. In fact, hamsters and other rodents are even suggested among the ideal pets for children because of their sociable and docile nature, as well as relatively low-maintenance needs. It is worth noting though, that these aren’t even the most unusual suggestions, as reptiles, for instance, are also said to be good animals for company, especially where children are concerned, to the utter dismay of parents. A final word So you can see that the conclusion to be made is very much that the best choice for a companionable animal isn’t one that can be generalized, as people look and need for their animals to have different qualities, making the ideal match quite subjective. There are, however, some useful pointers here which should give you a starting point in your search for the perfect company pet for yourself or a loved one.