Why Are Cats Considered Arrogant?

catAnswering the question of exactly why cats are considered arrogant isn’t difficult. For one, cats aren’t considered to be fully domesticated animals and have many more of their natural traits than a house animal like a dog would. A large grouping of their species is still yet to be domesticated to this day. This ‘wild’ attitude that is portrayed in many cats is combined with a confidence in abilities, independence, and a little man complex that leads to cats being considered arrogant. Let’s take a deeper look into exactly what these traits are that makes cats be seen as arrogant:   Natural Confidence in Abilities Cats have a very ‘dominant’ attitude in which they feel like they have the ability to do all kinds of different things on their own. They’re certainly not short on self-confidence, as is evidenced by the many leaps and other crazy things that they do that are commonly featured for comedic purposes throughout the internet and tv. It truly is hilarious to watch cats make delusional attempts to do things that just wouldn’t be physically possible. This delusional and reckless attitude can be seen as arrogant by many.   IndependentCat looking up with a curious look on it's face The difference may also lie in the fact that, unlike dogs, cats have always been raised to depend on themselves for food. While dogs will often hunt in large packs, most species of cats depend on stealth and lone hunting in order to get their regular meals. It’s not uncommon that this greater sense of independence is mistaken for arrogance and cockiness. Cats are just simply not as dependent on humans or anything else for anything really. From food to water to simple attention and affection, cats just don’t need or want it as much as other domesticated animals. It’s the reason their owners can leave them for a week at a time and not have to worry about their house being torn apart or them going hungry. This independence can seem arrogant to owners when they don’t feel like being held or just want to sit on their windowsill by themselves. The snobby attitude that they consistently show to owners is another one of the major reasons they are considered so arrogant by many people.   Little Man Complex ginger cat isolatedCats are definitely known for their little man complex, meaning they have no problem making loud statements about their worth despite their small stature. This has actually turned out quite well for some owners, as cats have been known to scare away animals as large as bears and alligators. Recently, a house cat was in the news for scaring away a stray dog that was viciously attacking a small boy. They also have no problem defending their family of owners from other humans. It’s actually fairly astonishing what cat’s little man complex has allowed them to do. Just one look at the above videos will show you different situations where a cat certainly wasn’t fighting a fair battle but didn’t care and continued on. Cats have a reckless abandon that is often portrayed as arrogance. The problem with that portrayal, however, is that cats consistently back up their reckless actions. While cats have always been portrayed as arrogant, they do have a lot of traits that allow them to back that up. They’re extremely independent animals and their little man complex has allowed them to do some amazing things in defense of their owners. Maybe, just maybe, their arrogance is justified.