Which is the most favorite pet among all animals?

fotolia_2403336_XSGetting a pet can seem like a pretty exciting thing, especially if you see your neighbor playing with one all the time. Also, getting a pet can mean a lot of things. It may help you find someone to have as a company, cheer you up when you return to your home all tired after going through your busy 9-5, console you when you are feeling all low, and so on. However, getting a pet means having to accept the negative side of the coin as well. After all, caring for a pet as well as taking care of its other needs might require you to spend quite a lot of time. Also, in the end, do not forget that getting a pet just isn’t fun and exciting, but also means accepting quite a lot of responsibility as well. However, the exact things you are going to experience after getting a pet depends on which animal you get as a pet. Usually, cats and dogs seem to be the most popular choices amongst pets. Now, though there is always quite a lot of argument over which one of these two animals will turn out to be a better, quite a lot of people like to go with dog, simply because it has way too much uniqueness to offer. Some of the things which make a dog favorite among pets are: Liveliness Well, liveliness is something all dogs are known for, regardless of the breed they are of. The liveliness a dog brings to a home is simply unmatched by any other pet, and this is something that makes a lot of potential pet owners consider getting a dog as their pet over all the other animals. On this front, the closest competitor of dogs as a pet, the cats, too, turn out to be quite disappointing. After all, they are believed to be quite independent and quiet, obviously meaning that one cannot expect them to be very lively. Loyaltydogs_AP The loyalty factor is another thing where a dog turns out to be a winner among all the other animals. Dogs are pretty much known for their courage and lack of caring for self when it comes to protecting the well being of their owners. Being so very loyal, they are also used in police and other armed forces, helping them have the assistance of someone trustworthy, helpful and reliable. Loving This is another quality of a dog which never fails to please not only its owner, but also the other people who come in contact in it. A dog always has a loving attitude towards people, regardless of the age or behavior of the people they come in contact with. All one needs to do is treat the dog with a little kindness while meeting it for the first time, and the dog will probably start showering them with love whenever they meet again. A final word The list of the qualities of the dog is pretty long. However, these are a few which forms the basis of why a dog is considered to be one of the best choices to get as a pet.