Why getting a dog can be a complete disaster?

2014-03-baileyDogs are usually associated with qualities such as loyalty, faithfulness and obedience. However, it is not easy to raise and train dogs and for some people, getting and keeping a dog can be a complete disaster because of factors they never knew or didn’t pay much attention to. So, what can go wrong if you wish to have a dog or already have one?

Inability to commit time:

The life of a dog can go up to ten or even fifteen years. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that your dog would require certain amount of time each day, over a number of years, to exercise, run and enjoy his / her freedom in fresh, open air. So, if you are someone who can not commit to devote enough time to your dog, the chemistry between you and your pet can go awry. Even if on a particular day you are sick or want to avoid the bad weather, taking your dog out for a walk would be a must.

Not knowing your dog’s characteristics:

Each breed of dog is different to another in terms of characteristics and preferences. Few dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, love water whereas others, such as Dachshunds, prefer to dig and hunt. In order to make this relation work smoother, you need to understand the specific likes and dislikes of your dogs before getting a dog and ensure there is no compatibility problems between yours and your dog’s interests. Not giving your dog what he /she wants can result in your dog feeling annoyed, disappointed and even frustrated.

Increased cost:cute-dog-jumping1_jpg_scaled500

Though purchasing a dog is in itself an expensive task, the list of expenses simply keep growing once you have purchased one. Dogs’ food, vaccination and grooming, all require a healthy amount of money and your budget will be significantly affected if you have not planned for such increase in advance. In fact, few dogs are more expensive to take care of than babies.

Hair, hair and hair:

Once you get a dog, you can and should expect dog hair almost everywhere, be it your chair, sofa, car seat, clothes or even in food. So, if you are someone who is very specific about cleanliness or to make matters worse, allergic to animal hair, keeping a dog can be an absolute disaster.

Can’t travel for a long time:

Over a period of time, your dog builds an irreplaceable attachment with you and the same is true for dog owners. What it means is that your dog would keep you home most of the time and you won’t be able to travel much on your own (unless you take your dog everywhere but not many hotels allow them as pets). This can be a serious problem if your business or profession requires significant travelling as you would have to search for someone who can watch your dog and knows a thing or two about dogs, however, this again might result in extra cost if you don’t have friends or relatives to do such favors for you.