Why people find cats to be so loveable

Cats are just very adorable animals. They’re indeed one of the most loved creatures as a pet. A lot of people even like to go for a cat than a dog, despite the latter being more loyal and obedient. There are a lot of reasons why cats are highly preferred as a pet by many families. They are easy to keep, small, cuddly and do not require too much attention. So why exactly are cats so adorably lovable? kitten isolated on a white background They clean themselves Take a look at your cat after it has finished its nap. It will wake up gracefully, stretch itself like a monarch and then groom itself. This just makes cat lovers’ hearts melt in amazement. The way the cats lick their paws and groom their faces is just so cute. Who doesn’t want a pet that cleans itself? Cats have a sense of cleanliness that is by far better compared to that of dogs. This, however, does not give you an excuse for not cleaning and grooming your pet cat. There are pests such as fleas that are fond of attacking cats. You definitely do not want them roaming around your house with such creatures in their fur. There are medical shampoos and insecticides that you will need to use on your cat to ensure that he/she is free of these pests that can ruin their fur coat. Cats are cheap to maintain If you want a pet that will not require too much in terms of maintenance, a cat is the best option. There will be no need of hiring a cat sitter or buying expensive food for the pet. Unless you have taught you cat to eat specific foods only, cats can eat just about anything. Some people indeed love cats for this simple fact that they don’t have to spend tons of money on their maintenance. Cute and soft fur adorable kitten outdoor It’s very rare to hear of an ugly cat. Cats usually come with very cute fur coats and as aforementioned, cats are very good at taking care of their fur. The far coats come in all sorts of colors from very bright white to soot black. Patterned fur coats are also in no short supply- you can get a cat with lovely patterns. Cats are friendly It is very rare to find a cat that snarls wildly at you just because you’re a stranger. In fact, you will never find such a cat anywhere. A cat will only be mad at you if it is cornered in a life threatening manner. Cats usually don’t attack people. This friendly nature of cats makes them even more lovable. In connection to their friendliness, cats love cuddling in bed. It’s not uncommon to wake up and find that your cat is sleeping next to you to feel your warmth. Unless you are allergic to cat fur, you can always sleep with your cat as long as you do not insist on covering it up with your blankets.