Why shouldn’t you get more than one pet?


Rosy Faced Lovebird in a cage

It is very easy for people to fall in love with their pets. Pets offer great company without many expectations from you. This has made many pet owners to consider getting another one too. They expect that the amazing time they have with one pet, will only get better with one more addition to the family. However more often than not, they fail to see a few obvious reasons as to why it could end up being disappointing to have more than one pet.


People think that getting one more pet will provide better companionship to the pet you already own. It is assumed that it will ensure that your pets do not get lonely and hence seem like a great idea. Practically however, it turns out to be a very bad decision. Here is why you should not fall into the luring trap of getting more than one pet.

Disadvantage of having more than one pet

  • Easy catching of diseases

When you have a single sick pet, it is easier to get him / her cured of the illness. However in case you have a couple of pets, and one of them falls ill, there is a great possibility than the other pet will soon catch the infection. This puts your pets at a greater risk of diseases and infections. And the situation only gets worse if one of the animals catches bugs!

  • Allergy

In case you have allergies from animals, having two pets will drastically worsen the situation. You could have taken proper precautions if you had one pet to take care of, however two would be more than you can handle.

  • Attention problem

There is always the chance that one of your pet will sulk at you when you shower your attention on the other one. The situation isn’t different from the one where you have two kids, both of whom may fight for your attention.

On the grass two of the rabbit .

  • Rivalry

If the two pets do not get along well, there is a possibility that the more aggressive one of them may harm the other one. Pets do not like their personal space or territory being shared with a new member. Hence if you already have a pet, then getting a new one can make them both insecure and potentially harmful to each other.

  • Separation

What if they both get along well? In that case you do need to worry about the impact their separation can have on both of them. Such a situation can make them disturbed and drastically affect their health.

  • Difficulty in training

Yet another trouble you can have is when they get along so well, that you will have lots of trouble controlling and training them (especially in case of dogs). Making them obey your commands will only get more difficult as you won’t be able to get their full attention.


Though there are obvious benefits of having more than a single pet, it will raise the expenses and also make it more difficult for you to give them enough time. The challenges and the cons outweigh the benefits and hence it stays wise to avoid getting more than a single pet.